About the Artist

I've lived in southwest Virginia more than I have not, so I usually simplify things and say I'm from here.  I've held jobs where I was an A/V technician, part of the clean-up crew for a commercial construction company, the computer inventory manager for a plant nursery, the assistant and office manager for an interior lighting designer, a coffee shop barista and baker (two different places), a gardener (also two different places), the AutoCad drafter for an engineer, a house painter, and as a graduate student raising freshwater mussels.  My longest running job is as a union stagehand and lighting technician setting up large concerts and traveling broadway shows followed by the six year job of gutting my house and rebuilding it.

I've been painting for about twelve years now, and my influences are all of the above and everything else.


“The modern artist is living in a mechanical age and we have a mechanical means of representing objects in nature such as the camera and photograph.  The modern artist, it seems to me, is working and expressing an inner world - in other words - expressing the energy, the motion and the other inner forces.”  Jackson Pollock

“It came into existence because I had to paint it.  Any attempt on my part to say something about it, to attempt explanation of the inexplicable, could only destroy it.”  Jackson Pollock